Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Prize Money & New Distance

Thinking about Chicot Challenge over the last few weekends and how much fun we have out there, we have been trying to find ways to let more folks take part in the fun.  So, we decided to add a 20 mile trail race and we are adding prize money to the top over all team as well as the top overall male and female for the 20 miler. 

Whichever team finishes the 60 mile relay first will win $400 in prize money - regardless of team size  - so it will be interesting to see how the teams are structured to see who takes first place.  The twist is that the least number of team members you have (you choose anywhere from 2 - 5 members), the more money each team member makes.  It's $400 total for the first team, so a speedy team of 2 could earn each of its members $200 if they are able to take first place.  The 60 mile relay is capped at 50 total participants.  The relay will begin at 7:00 am and the teams have 14 hours, or until 9 pm to finish. This is a 14 minute per mile pace.  Easy peasy. 

First place male and female in the 20 miler will each win $100 cash, with 2nd and third place male and female for the 20 miler each getting a free entry into the 2021 race.  Depending on how this race grows, we may be able to go deeper with prize money in the future.  The 20 miler will be capped at 100 entrants, so sign up soon! The 20 miler will begin at 8:00 am, and is open until the relay cutoff -

This will be a traditional Paix Running race, with each finisher getting a good quality medal (newly designed for 2020), and a race shirt.  We will also be cooking at the finishers pavilion, so there will be food and drink served all day long.

BUT!  The course itself is SELF SUPPORTED!  We will be marking the trail as usual, so no worries about getting lost, but the only aid that will be on the course will be an unmanned water stop at mile 8.  So, if you are running the 20 miler, you have to be prepared to carry enough fluid to make it the first 8 miles, then the last 12 miles.  And your nutrition is your responsibility.  Seriously, we run this loop all of the time carrying everything we need, and we somehow manage to survive.  You will too, as long as you plan accordingly.  Relay teams will be responsible for supporting their runners as they have in the years past. 

The start/finish pavilion will be stocked as a traditional aid station with plenty of snack type food for you to take advantage of.

Check out the registration tab on the home page to get to Ultrasignup.  This race is designed to be an end of the year trail party!  Come and hang out with us in Louisiana's most beautiful park!


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