Race Doc

Chicot State Park, Ville Platte, Louisiana
March 23-24, 2019

We are simplifying the race a bit, and giving you more freedom to choose the best way for your team to cover 100 miles as quickly as possible. I want to keep this run as simple and fun as possible so there are limited rules, but the ones that I have in place are solid.

  • 2, 3 or 5 person teams
  • Only one of your team members can be on the trail at a time.
  • You decide the distance each runner is covering, but the MAX team size is 5. For example: Runner 1 - 10 miles; Runner 2: 15 miles; Runner 3 - 20 miles; Runner 4 - 25 miles; Runner 5 - 30 miles. As long as AS A TEAM you cover 100 miles, how you choose to do it is up to you.
  • You decide whether your team is doing the full 20 miles loop at a go, or if you will break it up into the segments and exchange and the points listed below. If you choose to do different distances as in the above example, you will have to use the exchange points.
  • You can choose to do a combination of the two, some runners doing the loop and others choosing to break up the loop. Seems more complicated, but if you can make it work, go for it.

  1. 4 MILE TRAIL HEAD (North Landing)
  2. 8 MILE MARKER (East Landing)
  3. 16 MILE MARKER  (Your team will have to park on the road and hike a short way in on the emergency exit path to reach this one.)
The exchange points are going to be handled on the honor system.  The next runner in line for your team CAN NOT begin running until they make physical contact with their runner who is coming in from their leg.  Chest bump, sweaty hug, secret handshake - whatever.  Don’t cheat people.

Each 5 person team is allowed two official crew/pacers for the race.  Pacers may only enter the trail to pace a runner while it is dark.  Only one pacer per runner at a time.  The two official pacers can run for free and they will get a race shirt - but they do not qualify for a medal.  If they really want a medal, have them find buddies and make their own team.

The time cut off for this event is 20 hours.  Total.  That is an average of a 13 minute pace.  Keep this in mind when choosing your team members.  The race will start at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday and end at 3:00 a.m. on Sunday.  We will have plenty of hot food at the Pavilion for runners, pacers and crew.

The ONLY aid station on this event will be at the start/finish.  If you need aid at the exchange points, it will be provided by your crew.  The start/finish will remain fully stocked with hot food options throughout the race, so runners and pacers can restock there between legs.  If you choose the full loop option, you are signing up to run a 20 mile trail run - prepare accordingly.  Carry your own water and nutrition needs.  

The trail will be well marked with contractor flags with reflective tape along the trail.  These light up very well when a headlamp hits them.  No headlamp - big problem.  Be sure your batteries are fresh, and when in doubt if you will need your headlamp for your leg - bring it.  It gets dark quickly in the woods.  


Dogs are allowed in the park but must be leashed and well controlled. Any reports of dogs off leash or causing problems, and the dog will have to be removed from the park. I understand you love your dogs, I think they are pretty cool too, but this event is not for them, it is for the runners and their people. If the dogs get in the way of the people, the dogs need to leave.

No refund.
No rollovers to next year.
No transfers to another person.
No mailing of shirts or packets before or after the event.  Even if you offer to pay shipping.
No.  Just don't.  If you are signing up for a trail race, I am assuming along with the desire to do
an ultra distance event also comes a love and respect for nature.  I love all of the road runners
who are coming over to the "dark side" and giving trail running a chance.  BUT when you are out
there on the trail, you are a visitor in nature.  Be a polite guest and pack out your trash to the
next aid station.  There, they will be happy to dispose of it for you.  I am seeing more and more
litter at races I participate in, and as RD, I have a ZERO tolerance policy.  I am hoping this event will lure more road runners onto the trails.  Please remember this is NOT a road marathon.  This is nature.  Don’t drop your Gu packets, etc. on the trail.  Be good and carry it with you to the next exchange.

 You will have to register your entire team at the same time.  For those of you without a team, follow the Chicot Challenge page on Facebook and as the event nears, we will try to match you guys up. You are welcome to use the event FB to plead your case for potential team members.

Check the registration tab - it will take you to the Ultrasignup site for all of the details.

Yeah, you won’t get these, but it would be cool if each team came up with a theme, team name, costume or something.  It won’t get you anything but our laughs, but it would make the whole event even more fun.  


  1. Can runners split their portion of the race? For instance, can Runner A run the first ten miles, let Runner B take over, and Runner A does another 10 miles later on? Or must each runner only run one leg?

    1. I am so sorry I am just seeing this. The runners can break down the loops as they see fit for their team. As long as the team as a whole covers the 100 miles, that is all that matters. :-)