Thursday, March 28, 2019

Changing for the better!

Well, after conferring with some of my Paix Running pals, we have decided to make a few changes to Chicot Challenge to make it more accessible to all runners who might like to try out trails but who don't want to run 20 miles or run in the dark in the woods.  Sooo... as you can see by the name of the website, Chicot Challenge is now a 60 mile relay with teams from 2 - 5 members.  

Now, teams of 5 are able to break down the mileage so that any one runner only needs to be able to cover 12 miles at an average of a 14 minute pace to be able to finish within the time limit.  This way, hopefully, more folks will be tempted to create a team and see what all of the buzz around trail running is all about.  

Don't fret, though!  For our long distance lovers, we also have an "Ultra Division" for teams of two.  The award categories go as follows:  

1st place:
Ultra Division
2 Person Team
3 Person Team
4 Person Team
5 Person Team

If we get more than 10 teams in any division, we will go to second and third place awards as well. 

This means that the race will start at 7 am on March 21, 2020 and end at 9 pm, allowing all teams to hang around for the finish to cheer for their fellow runners.  I think this will make the whole experience more exciting for everyone.  

New logo / medals being designed as we speak.  I will post them when I have a proof. 

More details here:

Happy Running! 


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